May 2022

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This issue is a wonderful abundance of projects, features and advice for you to enjoy!

On Sale: 28/04/2022

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What's in this Issue?

We kick things off with the regular Instagram Identities, which features Sae Nakamura (@pansbear131) and her adorable little bears – they are a sight to behold, so make sure you turn to page 6 to read all about Sae’s journey. Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel is back with her second instalment of Ruth’s Mini Tips, this issue offering her advice on cutting wood and transferring patterns – we hope you’ll find her years of experience very useful! Another regular, It Takes Two, return with Moi Ali looking at two very different versions of the same house, The Mountfield, with one of them being her own interpretation!
Not just our regulars, but lots of new and exclusive projects including a faux fur jumper, a Regency inspired table (who has been watching The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge?!) and Sadie Brown’s Maypole themed cake, to help celebrate the tradition of dancing around the Maypole this month! 
Make sure you keep in touch with us via social or email, we love to see what latest projects our readers have been creating – will you be featured as our next reader project?! 

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