How many questions can you get right?

  1. Genoise is a type of what?

  2. Beating sugar and butter together until light and fluffy is called what?

  3. What is pastillage?

  4. What cake is otherwise known as ‘Domino cake’?

  5. Before baking powder, what was used as the prime raising agent?

  6. When decorating a cake with sugarpaste, why should you first spread a thin layer of buttercream on the cake?

  7. Which of the following is not a cupcake decoration?
    A) Dragees B) Sprinkles C) Pulled sugar

  8. Which tool helps create veins on leaves or flowers and adds decorative accents of colour to sugarpaste?
    A) Forming cups B) Sculpting tools C) Imprints


  9. Modelling clay is often compared to what?
    A) Gum paste B) Sculpting sugarpaste C) Ganache


  10. Which year did The Great British Bake Off first appear on TV?
    A) 2009 B) 2010 C) 2011 D) 2012


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1. Sponge cake, 2. Creaming, 3. A thick paste usually used for cake decorating, 4. Battenburg, 5. Yeast, 6. To keep the sugarpaste in place, 7. Pulled sugar, 8. Sculpting tools, 9. Sculpting sugarpaste, 10. 2010

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