An A-Z of tips and techniques for new and experienced miniaturists with Moi Ali

Join Moi Ali for an exciting live presentation full of tips, inspiration and knowledge for new and experienced miniaturists alike!

An A-Z of tips and techniques for new and experienced miniaturists with Moi Ali

Thursday 12th August 3pm (GMT+1)
Tickets: £10.00

Whether you’re new to miniatures or you’ve had a dolls’ house for years, if you’re looking for knowledge, tips and inspiration, this online session is for you! Find out how to make realistic roof tiles from a cereal box, bar stools from nuts and bolts, and how to make up a kit with perfect accuracy. This webinar will leave you raring to put the tips and techniques into practice!

  • The webinar will take place on online and will include a live presentation plus a Q&A session, lasting approximately 1 hour (these are approximate timings and may vary slightly).
  • Once you have registered for the webinar, you'll receive an email confirmation containing your link to join the webinar on the day.
  • During the webinar, you'll have the opportunity to submit your questions and chat with fellow attendees using the Q&A and 'chat' buttons at the bottom of your screen. 
  • The webinar will be recorded and will be made available to all registered attendees for a limited time following the live webinar.

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About Moi ali

Moi Ali is a communications consultant and author. She has written many books on her professional area of expertise and was delighted a few years ago to be asked to write one on dolls’ houses. She has written for dolls’ house magazines on both sides of the Atlantic and has for many years written for DHMS Magazine. She has several dolls’ houses (although she refuses to reveal the exact number!)

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